Are you gay if you are dating someone who likes me

The dalliance ended the first night he was going to sleep over. We were watching TV in my darkened living room, lit only by the screen and the street. By the time I turned 30, I could not bring myself to date another guy.

I could not imagine it. However, it was not long after that an age-old question returned. I knew now it was possible to not know, it was okay to change your mind, and there was really only one way to find out.

After every text, every phone call, every IRL meeting, I waited for the freakout, the overwhelming urge to bolt. It never came. Instead, I found the most normal, healthy, two-way relationship I had ever experienced. Maybe it was because I was older, but there was no pining, no stalking, and no pedestals. It just worked. Dating Tips. First Dates. Date Ideas. Dating Stories. Adrian considered himself a top when he met his current boyfriend, Mike, who had never bottomed.

The first time, Mike was nervous, so they joked about it to make things more comfortable. You have to be the bottom! Right, the difficulty in New York may have less to do with position than competition. The real challenge in New York has nothing to do with being a top or bottom. All Rights Reserved.

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Dannielle Says:

Anyways whenever im near her i get this sense of happiness but also awkwardness. When i first came out to her i liked her… alot… When i told her the first thing she said she supported me. However days went on i started to feel a bit awkward around her randomly. I would sometimes try and keep my distance but i would always feel so mean or stupid ignoring her.

When we were good we would make little jokes about my sexuality and stuff like that. Because im so young people might just be like wtf. A few weeks past and another friend of mine changed her look completely and she looks so good. I never had really thought of her as being i would like i that way but recently i am confused to wether i like her or my best friend or just no one right now. I have had a major crush on my best friend and i think i still do but idk if i like my other friend who is straight…i think… I have sometimes just wanted to kiss both of them. My best friend doesnt know that i like her alot, but i think she has been able to pick up on the fact that i might like her.

My other friend doesnt know im bi and just thinks im straight. Im really confused and really awkward right now.

Does Dating Someone Transgender Make You Gay?

I dont know what to do because i a so young. I feel im to young to think im Bisexual but i know i am and i have to accept it. I just wish i could talk to someone older not my parents im not ready to tell them. I told her and now our friendship is so much healthier.

They don’t want to be ‘just’ pen pals … but they also don’t want to meet

And I always catch her looking at me or my lips. Well, just thought I should say something. Her birthday came across and I wanted to say happy birthday but nothing came out. She texted me later that day and said that someone had told her I was too nervous to. So, she said thanks.

And we got along pretty well for not being friends. I was feeling worse and worse. Me and her had been friends for three years and out of any of my friends she was the best and we told each other stuff and trusted each other the most. Honestly she was a lot like me and she understood me.

Anybody, advice? As you said, you were best friends, I think you both deserved to be friends again even not close as before. The question is what caused your separation? Just try to reach out to her again, talk and tell her your feelings. Just be ready for any consequences. And being honest helps a lot. It wont promise no pain, but it sure stress releaver. I think she kinda noticed today though when she was talking about this one guy in my class that she finds attractive. She was talking about him and I just tried to smile and joke through it even though it was killing me inside.

Am I a Lesbian If I Have an FTM Partner?

I guess she noticed my mood changed and she kept staring at me and stuff. It was weird. Maybe I should just distance myself for a while? Hey Talisa, I am in the same situation just that I am the 21 one and she is I really hope just like how you likes her, she could like me the same way. Maybe I should distance myself a bit. Love hurts, and life sucks when you are in love but the person is not.

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  • I am in the same exact situation. I just randomly fell in love with my best friend when I never thought I would even be attracted to him. In fact, he envies me for having the strength to keep from going crazy being in love with someone I could never have. All in all, love is strong. Whatever is meant to be will happen. I am now friends with both girls, the one who got asked and the one who asked. This girl who I like is the girl who asked and I asked her before if she had ever liked a girl or if she ever would like a girl and she said no but all of her friends told me she is a lesbian.

    This girl and I have no classes together but we see each other in the halls and smile but she is shy around me idk if she likes me more than a friend or not. Need advice on what to do… Should I tell this girl I like her or wait and try to be better friends first but if I wait I might not have a chance because of different schools next year.