Dating older gay men

It was a portal that catered exclusively to bigger and older men and their admirers, such as myself. These men could range anywhere between their late 30s to late 70s, and anyone who admired them were called chasers or sons. It was on that site that I ended up meeting my first partner. He was 40 and a Merchant Navy engineer.

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I fell for him mainly because I thought he was a world traveller, only to realize that the ships he worked on never really anchored at every shore. I had hoped, at the very least, he would be more open to the idea of settling down, despite the age gap. The man was so far deep in that closet that I gave up trying to convince him.

He would introduce me as his younger brother if a stranger asked. Needless to say, I had to end things with him, and I vowed I was done with older men. After the initial heartbreak, I resorted to meeting boys my age, each of them more daft than the other.

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Some of them doe-eyed, some of them just purely horny. I yearned for maturity in the true sense of the term. And none of the boys I met or slept with could hold a conversation for over an hour. Unlike their boners. It was his way of seducing me, so he could lure me next to him on the bed. I missed how earnest an older lover could be. I have been attracted to older men for as long as I can remember. Speaking of, how gorgeous is Paul Sorvino?

The pros and cons of younger/older relationships

But I digress. I have never quite figured out why a bald patch or a salt-and-pepper crop can get me going. Add a paunch and a mustache and we are in heaven. I know it may seem weird, but boy does it feel good to get this off my chest. I can spend hours lying next to a man, asking him about his life, intimate and inconsequential details alike. Most often this question is met with disdain, making it obvious that the topic is somehow out of bounds.

Each of them had a story to tell. I take a look at my Grindr message as one of them tells me about him picking up prospective sex buddies outside Andheri railway station.

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I try to shift my focus back to him. He is a quarter of a whiskey bottle down, opening up to me about his wife and her tragic death. Anyway, there may be many complex reasons for someone to not have a beau.

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So why ask? When out with your new friend, it might be acceptable to reply to messages that appear on Line or Whatsapp. But make it quick! And responding to business or family-related posts is fine, of course, but skip those chats with friends. This is discrimination.

3 Essential Steps to Lasting Self-Esteem

Everyone gets old and no one wants to be excluded just because of age. Everybody likes it when someone else pays for your tab. And why are older people always the ones to get stuck with it?

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  7. If both of you feel like moving on to the next step — well, then you can discuss financial issues further. What older guys really want is to be treated like anyone else: