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Which is your opinion about complaints and praises? Last edited by flmover; at Originally Posted by flmover. Originally Posted by kyle Philadelphia has an odd gay community. It's not especially visible given the size of the city. There is a "gay neighborhood" which occupies around 2 blocks of Center City which consists of a few sad gay bars and the usual dirty adult video stores, and a gross bathhouse.

Simple and exclusivist best describe from your list of descriptions. The most heard complaint s is the lack of a viable gay community and the one-dimensionality in terms of meeting people. I'm not familiar with any common praise given. I lived in DC prior, which is much smaller in terms of city size Philly 1.

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There are a lot of places in the gayborhood that, even if they aren't explicitly "gay" are de facto gay hangouts. City, In Mt. The older guys are the one who carved out these neighborhoods and who felt a need to stick together for safety and camaraderie. The younger guys and women too grew up "out", they frown on what they think are gay cliches perpetuated by the older generation and don't feel a need to live in a gay ghetto. Originally Posted by solibs. I've lived here for 7 years and have had many friends visit from other cities, and each and everyone has been very underwhelmed by the gay community here.

My advice would to perhaps travel a bit and check out some other cities before ranking Philly's scene so highly.

Philadelphia has by far the least cohesive and visually apparent gay community. Some people want that, and that's fine, but I do agree that you're not going to find it in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania I'm a flirt but if I like you enough i stick by ya I like going to restaurants barbecues Greg, 54 years. Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Fun-living adventurous man who would like to settle down with a partner and raise a family.

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Soccershyam, 23 years. Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Man with black hair , with short hair , with brown eyes , rather small , brown , with none children , for friendship , avec bachelor's , student , who never smokes , who occasionally drinks. Imran alli, 25 years. Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Joesanders, 29 years. Imran, 25 years. Steven, 56 years. Phall, 24 years. Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania I am laid back and straight forward. Prnelson, 31 years.

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Xxxplicit, 38 years. Loverboy, 29 years. Wadecito, 27 years. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Massage, fun, FWB, companionship, eventually a relationship but really not rushing that Man with brown hair , with shaved hair , with brown eyes, white , free , with none children, for short term , avec master's , atheist , who never smokes, who occasionally drinks.

Jerryig, 19 years.

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David, 54 years. Tom b, 44 years. Upper darby , Delaware County , Pennsylvania I like meet people Mitebwillin, 60 years. Heinzv, 34 years. A sense of humor will last longer than a good head of hair or a set of abs. A supportive and caring partner beats an unavailable partner with an Ivy League education any day. The nice-to-haves, i. For a first date, the best way to prepare is to relax. Dates can become stressful and awkward very quickly if either one of you is too nervous.

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Don't think of it as an interview where the goal is to assess within five questions if he is the one. The first interaction is what separates an online conversation that goes nowhere and one that becomes a first date. It sets the tone and if it doesn't go well, you'll likely be ghosted or blocked. Be respectful when reaching out but focus on driving the conversation to meeting in person. A connection is hard to judge over an app but if you have an inkling this is someone you'd like to be around, propose a casual, low-pressure date.

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This has a time limit and doesn't set any expectations. Don't propose a meet-up three messages in, but if you go two weeks without actually meeting, the momentum will likely fade and he's onto the next. When meeting in person, the same is true: Try to stay away from topics like exes, previous sexual partners, and income.

If you are not interested because they fall outside of what you usually go for, shake that off and talk to him! Most people end up with a guy who was not their exact "type" but they still have loving, fulfilling relationships. Broadening your field of vision will allow you to see all the great catches you may have missed before.