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Admittedly, I do feel a bit "cheated" that I wasn't caressed and cooed like the elderly or even not so elderly but a bit Maybe they were regulars. I couldn't help but hire two. Tall, muscular, masculine, hetrosexual guys.

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Neither was particularly passionate. The first one was all business and a huge jerk when I got cold feet initially , the second was slightly more affectionate, but after he was really touchy feely and kissy with some of the previous mentioned clientele: I think my mistake was I didn't ho and hum like a lot of guys, in which case if the guy thinks you might be interested, he'll try making all the moves so you hire him.

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Room was free for 30 minutes Tuesday only. I appreciated the well light areas because I want to see what I'm getting! Overall a fun first time experience. Useful tips: Credit card accepted to pay your sauna bill not the escorts Taxis in front or close by Metro station Gloria close by as well along with police officers: Don't try to get a freebie, it isn't going to work, even with the gay ones but they will really try to get you to hire them Layout: Good place to see the merchandise.

Further there's a bar disco area and continuing on is a smoking patio where a lot of them hang out.

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Upper level: Simply heaven November Place is well lit and I like that. You see what you buy! A safe location, a feast for the eyes.

Half of the boys are muscled bombs. I don't think they perform well ;- But the other half and that's still sometimes over 30 garotos will cause big difficulties to choose from. Luckilly they are quite talented in getting your attention and before you are aware of it, you are already in a suite with a cutie.

Be careful and talk first about the price, and what's on your menu card. Otherwise you will be cheated. A bit overpriced, as there are too many foreign visitors, not aware of real Brazilian incomes. And for you. Wow, walking gods I'm a young, attractive guy from the US with a good body.

Unfortunately I didn't really meet anyone at clubs and bars in Rio and was told about Club by some friends in the US.

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I've always had bad experiences in the few saunas I've been to but boy was this different. The guys there are some of the most beautiful and perfect specimen of men I've ever seen. White, latino, black, lean to really muscular, all with big dicks.

The downside is that every single guy who is attractive there is for sale, not just there for fun. Basically the working boys outnumber the regular costumers by a lot and the regular customers are almost exclusively older guys. So don't plan on going there if you don't want to pay. The place was a little too bright but literally just a playground with guys standing everywhere in towels, stroking their dicks to entice you or just chatting amongst themselves and stroking their dicks.

All the "boys" know each other and I was amazed to see that they fuck multiple people while they are there and manage to stay hard. I played with 3 guys because I really couldn't help myself, they were so beautiful!! After a minute it didn't matter to me since they were so good looking with ridiculous muscular bodies HUGE dicks. But one darker black latino guy was really passionate and into it and the sex was amazing.

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He was very friendly and talked about his girlfriend after I'm pretty sure they are all straight. I will definitely go back but will contain myself a little more. One golden hour Being married and Brazilian I suppose I'm an atypical reviewer in this English language gay guide. But maybe my comments could be useful for other men like myself who sometimes feel tempted to visit places like Club as a healthy break of the conjugal routine.

This is what I did recently on a visit to Rio: I was more than a bit nervous when registered at the entrance counter, in fact a quick and discreet formality where you give a name - any name - and receive a token with a number.

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Then you can wander along the wide corridors or take the stairs that lead to bars, sauna, tv room and lounges. I soon spotted other men of my age and probably married condition having drinks and talking among themselves or with the boys. Those are obviously the great attraction of the house: Soon you find yourself flirting with two or three of them and then talking with an atractive mulatto and climbing the stairs with him to one of the small but convenient rooms on the third floor with a bed and a tiny bathroom. I'm not an authority in this field, but I believe Brazilian mulattos are the most masculine men in the globe.

That evening I left Club walking on clouds I paid 35 reais as entrance fee, no charge for the room as it was a Tuesday house policy , 5 reais for a beer. The boy cost me Reais. That is: I visited Club From outside, it looks like an old and dirty building. But inside, the Club looks nice and clean. You may find very friendly muscular bodies, as well as Abercrombie and Fitch type of men. All of them very beautiful, all of them with extraodinary biceps, pecs, abs and pricks.

They are very polite and will satisfy you in the way you want.

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Cine Rex has fallen into disrepair and become a XXX theater. For the most part, the clientele is not-so-hot. Text for specific hours. Invitation-only private club in downtown Rio with selective membership for in-shape and well-hung men. Not a sauna but more of a private grand party house. Stripper and drag shows on the weekend. Reasonably-priced guys make it popular with locals. Only one!

The crowd is mixed and respectful. I can host or move. Intelligent, clever, professional sw I also make video call live, and I take Paypal payments, I'm always availa I am Gustavo Notella.

Club 117 Sauna

Get an experience with one of the finalist of Mr Inter Macho safado grande tatuado olhos verdes e Dotado Simpatico atencioso cari I'm Henri, Let's have a good fun together! Hey lads!!! Easy going boy from Brazil very horny and always looking for f I'm 24 years old You're stressed with the problems of everyday life come relax with the late Assunto profissional!

I'm a nice boy, looking to have and to make good moments, in bed or outside