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Are there any really definitive landmarks of success you've identified for Superfruit? What's the dream?


There are so many. I would love to have a song that's really gay and is so supportive of the gay community but gets a lot of radio play. And then, of course, being on an award show or live show would be really cool.

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And that would mark such a pivotal turning point in the music industry. Have you had any "we made it" moment so far? Honestly, for me, it's just this last tour. Seeing the turnout and seeing everyone so excited and thinking, Oh wow, we should move to a bigger venue next time. It's really validating to see people actually really enjoy what we're doing. As much as I love Pentatonix, no disrespect at all to Pentatonix, it's good to see something else that we've been working on succeed. It's not only Pentatonix fans that are supporting Superfruit anymore, we're growing our own fan base and that's really surreal because we started with Pentatonix and Pentatonix has the craziest fan base of all time.

It's crazy to think that people who are Superfruit fans might not even know about Pentatonix. It's getting to that point, which is crazy. It's just the most energy. To see everyone's faces, and watch everyone sing along to every word, the energy never drops. Yeah, I have never even been to concerts like that — people screaming, crying, jumping at every song. My friend, who came to our show was like, "I didn't know crowds could be like this, what is happening?

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It was all just a very beautiful and profound experience. Did you feel any stigma coming off the back of a reality show as an emerging artist? I think we lucked out because our show wasn't really that popular, it had low ratings, so we were never really associated with being reality stars. Sometimes people were surprised when we said we came from it. We were more-so on YouTube, so people associated us with that and I think more of the challenge was transitioning from YouTube to becoming legit artists.

When we came off the reality show, we still had no followers and sold nothing. We were an acapella group and the past winners hadn't really blown up, so [Sony] was just like, "Nah we're just going to drop you," and then when we started blowing up on YouTube.

We had a lot of leverage when it came to actually getting a deal, which was great. It's always growing, it's huge. Mitch and I aren't really apart of that world anymore. I remember thinking, I wonder if it's dying? What's sad is, it used to be a whole lot easier to be seen on YouTube and now that it's such a big industry, it's almost just as hard to make it on YouTube now. To emerge as a personality or a singer now, you have to stand-out with something so specific and special. I think it can be a range of things.

It's just having a specific edge to your voice.

It's the way you tell stories or a character you play. It has to just be unique. We know a bunch of really good singers who have trouble making it because they haven't found that edge yet.

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I think in the beginning it was the arrangement, no one was really doing the acapella thing. So, we tried to make it as poppy as possible. Related Kehlani: Yeah, it was right after. I think the planets were lining up for us, it was perfect timing. YouTube was huge, artists were blowing up, so we had that timing too. Also, I think it was our dynamic as a band. The three of us, growing up together, sang really differently. Our blend is very special. It was just one of those things we lucked out on. I think we definitely be looked at as an — it is possible for a random group of nobodies to make it online.

Most already huge followings by the time the labels catch on.

Scott Hoying Gay, Relationship with Mitch Grassi, Boyfriend/Dating

I feel like it's beginning to become very DIY these days, but I also do feel like the artist and the younger generation, sort of know what they're doing, artistically speaking, more-so than the record exec. The artist just understands the demographic and what their audience wants much more so than the record exec.

I know a lot of young artists are super wary to sign with a label. Did you ever consider independence? Never, but we're a specific situation. Everyone I talk to always has a problem with their label. Certain labels are just following which artist has the most buzz and shelving the rest of them. So for us, we're the one acapella group on that label and we're selling every time we release, so they pay attention to us. It's just one of those things where it's like we have a specific situation so we lucked out, but a lot of people have a lot of bad experiences with labels because labels want numbers.

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It used to be very self-indulgent, like look how talented I am and now it's like I want to make you feel safe and good so I love that there are the Kehlani s and the Hayley Kiyoko s and Halsey s, and Sam Smiths out there. I feel like the pop industry is becoming so gay. What are your thoughts on the debate surrounding Rita Ora's "Girls," and the perception of the straight artist making gayness frisky?

I know a lot of queer women artists were offended. Well, I do remember thinking, this feels a little careless because it was fetishizing lesbians and doesn't really tell their story accurately. But I do think they were just having fun and looking to make a hit song and try to make something silly. I don't think it was malicious in any way, but it did feel a little dated and careless. Mitch and I, also haven't had the lesbian experience but girls have always been fetishized for kissing each other.

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That must be frustrating to deal with when being lesbian is your true identity. Superfruit also puts a huge emphasis on vocals, which is a really refreshing break from a lot of the autotune that proliferates pop. Yeah, I mean we went through that whole EDM era, mainly focused on music, but I'm glad it's getting back to vocals now. We would adapt to the trends of the music industry, but I think we always stayed pretty authentic to ourselves. Answered Jun 7, Answered Jun 12, Answered May 15, Why does it matter? I enjoy their music. Why would you or anyone for that matter need to know this?

Are you not merely able to enjoy their music? Answered Jan 2, Related Questions Who has the highest voice on pentatonix? Why did Avi leave Pentatonix? Who are the members of Pentatonix? How did Pentatonix come together? Are the BTS members gay?

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Which group member is responsible for the musical arrangements of Pentatonix on The Sing-off? Are there gay gang members who are out? What members of Broken Social Scene are gay? What are the personal lives like of the Pentatonix band members?