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People already learn to stop smoking, to give up certain foods, and not cheat on their husbands or wives. If they could, should they change their brains or have their brains changed in order to make themselves straight? I believe that people have the right to engage in any behavior that they choose, as long as their actions do not harm others, and I believe that gay sex and gay relationships do not cause harm to anyone.

Therefore, people who are gay by choice have the right to remain that way.

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Of course, there are abusive and unhealthy gay relationships that should not be tolerated, just as there are unhealthy heterosexual relationships that should not be tolerated. There is an element of homophobia in that argument— the implication that gay people would become straight, if only they could. Supporting gay marriage becomes equivalent to supporting the construction of wheelchair ramps. In a blog post for Slate , J.

In fact, when we you do so, you reinforce the belief that your behavior is undesirable. Nobody has to prove that biology forces them to vote for a particular political party, practice a certain religion or follow a particular diet. Scientific beliefs change as we gain new information, and sometimes science tells us things that we would rather not hear. Bailey, J. A genetic study of male sexual orientation. Archives of General Psychiatry , 48 Balthazart, J.

Why the Gay and Transgender Population Experiences Higher Rates of Substance Use

Brain development and sexual orientation. Baroncini, M. Sex steroid hormones-related structural plasticity in the human hypothalamus , NeuroImage , 50 2: Boyke, J. Training induced brain structure changes in the elderly.

"The Gay HIV Connection"

Journal of Neuroscience , 28 Burri, A. Genetic and environmental influences on female sexual orientation, childhood gender typicality and adult gender identity , PLOS ONE 6 7: Hamer, D. A linkage between DNA markers on the X chromosome and male sexual orientation. Science , Hyde, K. The effects of musical training on structural brain development: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences , Johannson, B.

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Current trends in stroke rehabilitation: A review with focus on brain plasticity. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica , 3: LeVay, S. A difference in hypothalamic structure between heterosexual and homosexual men. Maguire, E. Navigational-related structural change in the hippocampi of taxi drivers. Prinz, J.

Speak Out: Why Are Gay Bars Disappearing?

Beyond human nature: Penguin Group USA. Teki, S. Navigating the auditory scene: Journal of Neuroscience, 32 Whitam, F. Homosexual orientation in twins: A report on 61 pairs and three triplet sets. Archives of Sexual Behavior , 22 3: Photo credits: The views expressed are those of the author s and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Marcia Malory is a writer who mostly writes about science.

She has worked in various industries on both sides of the Atlantic and now lives in York, England. You can find out more about her by visiting her website. Ask this question, and you will probably receive one of two responses: Or No.

sulwaifare.ga How wonderful it is that nobody has to be gay! What does science tell us about sexual preference?

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Genes We know, from many twin and adoption studies, that sexual preference has a genetic component. Affecting something is not the same as having complete control over it. Environment, like genetics, plays an important role in how our behavior develops. Your environment affects your sexual and romantic relationships. Throughout history, marriages have been influenced by family relations and by economic needs. Your culture affects your views on homosexuality. The Brain The structure of the brain might influence sexual preference.

The third interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus INAH3 was found to be more than twice as large in heterosexual men as in homosexual men This study was criticized because it used brain tissue obtained at autopsies, and all of the homosexual subjects in the study were believed to have died of AIDS. So your brain was influencing your sexual preference even before you were born. George miller born march 18, - responses to discriminate freely.

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